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Corso di Laurea Magistrale Intermediazione Culturale e Religiosa

Continuing education

PhD (Dottorato di Ricerca). In Italy the PhD is the third cycle of education and is functional to the acquisition of the necessary competences to carry out highly qualified research activities at universities and private subjects. The PhD courses are accessed by taking part in a competition based on exams. See, for instance: Historical Studies

Job Orientation and Job Placement

The Occupational Guidance and Job Placement service (OJP), in addition to managing internships and apprenticeships, offers students, graduates, doctoral students and PhDs numerous training opportunities to build their professional identity and plan their careers.

State examinations

State examinations take place every year in two sessions and begin on the same dates throughout the country and at university sites designated annually by order of the Ministry of Education, Universities and Research.


This is a database that collects extensive documentation on all graduates from universities that are part of the Almalaurea association. The purpose of the database is to facilitate the access of young people to the world of work, to help companies in their search for personnel, to minimize the time required to match supply and demand for qualified work.

Professional Master (II Level)

This is a post-graduate qualification of scientific specialization and higher education, following the award of a degree.

Schools of Specializations

Specializations schools are schools for the award, following graduation, of diplomas legitimizing the assumption of specialist status in the branches of professional practice. They are official university courses with compulsory attendance, lasting at least two years. Those who pass the final examination are awarded the specialist diploma.

Postgraduate courses

The postgraduate courses represent a pathway to in-depth academic study and specific disciplinary updating.

Postgraduate secretariat

The Secretariat handles all the administrative procedures concerning the careers of students enrolled in postgraduate courses.

last update: 22-Aug-2021
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