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Corso di Laurea Magistrale Intermediazione Culturale e Religiosa

Quality Assurance

General information on the Quality Assurance of University Education

The quality of university education is a primary objective in the construction of European society and a fundamental discriminant of the architecture of higher education. It must therefore be based on continuous attention to the needs of students and to their centrality as the recipients of an educational offer sensitive to economic, social and cultural changes, in order to facilitate and support them in learning quality knowledge and skills in the international scenario.

In agreement with the University and in accordance with the regulations in force, the Master’s Degree   formally commits itself to a quality management based on the ANVUR Guidelines, in order to orient and direct the didactic work of the scientific community of teachers towards precise and progressive objectives of improvement of the organizational system, of the didactic management processes and of the communication.

The Master’s Degree   adopts the system of survey of the opinion of the attending students managed by the Service of evaluation of the teaching of the University, applying it to all teachers and all courses.

The Master’s Degree  verifies the effectiveness of the training also through additional tools for monitoring the opinion of students on the content and delivery methods of the training offer. It pays particular attention to an appropriate evaluation of students' careers (drop-outs, time spent in the course, number of CFU acquired in the different years of the course) and of the relationship between the training credits assigned to the courses in the study plan and the programmes of the same courses, verifying the consistency between training objectives and output profiles.

The monitoring and analysis process is managed by the Gruppo di Riesame (a QA management body within the degree course, made up of teachers and students), which, based on the results, proposes corrective and improvement measures for the educational offer, discussed and approved by the Master’s Degree Course Council.


Single Annual Data Sheet of the Master's Degree - Scheda SUA

The SUA-CdS can be consulted on the website Autovalutazione, Valutazione, Accreditamento (AVA) (link to external website via authentication)


Evaluation of teaching by students

Questionnaire for the evaluation of teaching by students

How to fill in the online questionnaire for the evaluation of teaching

Evaluation results (The Master's Degree born in a.y. 2021/22, so there are not evaluation results for now)


Graduates' employment status - Almalaurea (link to external website)

It analyses the employment of graduates up to the first five years after graduation and is a useful tool for assessing the external effectiveness of the university system and measuring the appreciation of the world of work towards graduates.


LM64  Quality Committe (ANVUR "Riesame") President Prof Francesca Murano, prof. Gianfranco Bandini, prof. Marco Biffi, student Edoardo Furiesi


last update: 17-Dec-2021
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