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Corso di Laurea Magistrale Intermediazione Culturale e Religiosa

Orientation Process

Orientation services provided by the School of Humanities and Education (contact details and opening hours)

The orientation service of the Master’s Degree is carried out by two teachers indicated by the Master’s Degree Council School and has three levels:

- incoming: it involves students enrolled in a three-year degree course in order to choose a Master’s Degree  course;

- in itinere: it accompanies students throughout their studies, and lecturers work closely with tutors (see point below, Tutoring);

- outgoing: in agreement with the cohort tutors, undergraduates are helped to fill in their CVs according to the European model and encouraged to contact the University Job Placement Office.

Guidance services provided by the University of Florence (services, initiatives, information tools, contact details).



The mission of tutoring service of the Master’s Degree is to accompany students during their studies (in itinere). The objectives of the service are

1.         To help students to cope with the course of study in the best possible way, allowing them to make choices among the courses that can be chosen in order to fill any gaps in their education as far as possible, advising them in the study activities, and providing the necessary help to organize the course of study in the best possible way. All this is done in close collaboration with the teachers responsible for Orientation.

2.         Providing information about the structures, the teaching, organisational, administrative and service activities of the Master’s Degree course.

3.         Tackling and solving any difficulties about the educational activities of the Master’s Degree.

4.         Helping the students to choose the subject area for the final thesis, so as to enhance their skills, aptitudes and interests.

5.         Identifying the objective and subjective criticalities of the degree course and reporting them to the Master’s Degree Council.


The tutor are Dr. Giulia Lovison,, Prof. Isabella Gagliardi,

last update: 11-May-2023
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